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North Perry Village seeks to balance the preservation of its semi-rural character with the accommodation of new growth and development, to create a desirable community with a positive and unique character, and enhance the quality of life for residents.


Gypsy Moth Spraying by Area Nurseries

Spraying will start the week of May 18th, weather permitting. The actual timing will depend on wind, humidity and other factors. We often won't know until around 8 a.m. on the day of the spraying. Nurseries in our area are required to spray for the gypsy moth by the Department of Agriculture as we are in a quarantine district.They will be using Dimilin, the same compound used in prior years. Dimilin label information. Please call the Village Hall if you have any questions or concerns.

The North Perry Village Council has voted 6-0 to adopt some changes to our Townline Park Pass Rules for the year 2015. These modifications will allow our residents a little more flexibility to enjoy the park with their families. Below are links to updated documents that explain the changes, as well as the process to obtain passes. Council is fully aware that changes could create questions and issues that come up throughout the year. To quickly respond and make a decision on any park issues, council has appointed a three member park advisory board. The members are: Mayor Ed Klco, Councilman Mike Cutler and resident Theresa Thompson. We will monitor how these new passes work and make any changes as needed.
Thank you for your input!

Park Pass Options and Eligibility Requirements
Park Pass Acquisition Procedure
Survey Results
Survey Tally Worksheet

 The Perry Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) has accepted Perry Township Trustee, Bob Dawson to fill its volunteer chairman position. Thank you Bob for your dedication and service! 

Community Day Picnic Committee volunteers are needed! Saturday August 8th
If you are interested, please call the Village Hall.

A special thank you to our resident, Therese Bradshaw for providing us with photos taken in our village. See the new spring shots on the home page slide show of the cute squirrel and beautiful tulips! You will be seeing more of Therese's photos soon.