R16-21 Changing the Village Secretary/Admin Position to Part TimeR16-09 Agricultural District renewal KlcoResolutions

R18-01 Perry School Resource Officer
R18-02 Purchase of 14ft Dump Trailer

R17-30 Temporary Appropriations 2018
R17-29 Kubota Tractor Purchase Townline Park
R17-28 CT Consultants 2018
R17-27 Appointment of Steve Sabol as Road Commissioner
R17-26 Dana Cohen as Zoning Inspector
R17-25 Thermo Imaging Camera for Police Department

R17-24 CT Consultants to Review Planning and Zoning Code
R17-23 Sell Barber Surf Rake on GovDeals
R17-22 Accepting the Amounts and Rates and Certifying to County Auditor
R17-21 Sale of Obsolete Dump Truck
R17-20 Road Striping
R17-19 Surplus Land Sale - Resolution Not Adopted
R17-18 Surplus Land Sale-Resolution Not Adopted
R17-17 Stream Restoration Project on Townline Road
R17-16 Storm Sewer Cleaning Evergreen Road
R17-15 Resolution Adopting The 2018 Tax Budget
R17-14 Appointment of Fiscal Officer Joanne Clapp
R17-13 Haynes Construction Removal of East Groin
R17-12 Early Retirement Incentive Plan - Lynn Kary
R17-11 Early Retirement Incentive Plan - Jo Bailey
R17-10 Replacement Truck Purchase
R17-09 Opposing Centralized Collection of Municipal Income Tax
R17-08 Adopting The Updated Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan
R17-07 April 2017 "Child Abuse Prevention Month"
R17-06 Authorizing The Appointment of Joseph Gurley As Solicitor
R17-05 Perry Area Joint Recreation District Donation
R17-04 Losley Agricultural District Renewal
R17-03 Early Retirement Incentive
R17-02 Seese Appointment
R17-01 Maintenance Dredging of Harbor

R16-26 Resolution CT Comsultants Engineering Services 2017
R16-25 Resolution Approving Temporary Appropriations 2017
R-16-24 Resolution to Appoint Road Commissioner 2017
R16-23 Curbside Garbage and Rubbish Removal Services
R16-22 Upgrade Lighting in All Village Buildings and Workplaces
R16-21 Changing the Village Secretary/Admin Position to Part Time

R16-20 Accepting Budget Rates and Authorizing Tax Levies Certified to County Auditor
R16-19 Townline Park Pavilion Concrete Repair
R16-18 Concrete Paving Repair Program

R16-17 Hire Real Estate Property Manager
R16-16 2017 Tax Budget
R16-15 Perry Schools Resource Officer
R16-14 Additional 2016 Harbor Maintenance
R16-13 Dwayne Bailey as Harbor Consultant
R16-12 Child Abuse Prevention Month
R16-11 CT Consultant as Zoning Inspector
R16-10 Perry Rec Contribution
R16-09 Agricultural District renewal Klco
R16-08 Renewal Agreement with Gurley
R16-07 Real Estate Authorization to Sell
R16-06 Real Estate Appraisal
R16-05 EDDS Contract
R16-04 2016 Harbor Maintenance and Dredging
R16-03 Emergency Dispatch
R16-01 Real Estate to Be Sold


R15-27 CT Consultants for 2016
R15-26 2016 Temp Appropriations
R15-25 2016 Road Commissioner
R15-24 Shreve
R15-23 Water line Replacement
R15-22 Sign Reimbursement
R15-21 Tax Rate 2016
R15-20 Woods Hole Grp
R15-19 Pay Increase PT Patrolmen
R15-18 Road Program Crack Seal
R15-17 Road Program Surface Treat
R15-16 Tax Budget 2016
R15-15 Pay Increase Seasonal Employees
R15-14 New Mower for Parks
R15-13 Dispose of Police Vehicle
R15-12 Lake County Soil & Water
R15-11 Perry Schools Resource Officer
R15-10 Child Abuse Prevention Month
R15-09 Perry Rec Board
R15-08 Perry Senior Center
R15-07 Harbor Dredging and Maint 2015
R15-06 Solicitor 2015
R15-05 New Cruiser purchase
R15-04 Pay Increase for Police 2015
R15-03 Pay Increase for Staff 2015
R15-02 Village Engineer 2015
R15-01 Road Commissioner 2015


R14-19 Temporary Appropriations 2015
R14-18 Secor Farm and Ranch Land Protection
R14-17 Antioch Road Drainage Outlet Phase 2 Project
R14-16 Additional 2014 Drainage Project-Antioch
R14-15 Perry School Resource Officer 2014-15
R14-14 Appraisal by Sherman Andrzecyczyk
R14-13 Tax Rates 2015
R14-12 Road Program 2014
R14-11 2015 Tax Budget
R14-10 Economic Development
R14-09 Playground Equipment
R14-08 Lockwood and Antioch Drainage Improvements
R14-07 Child Abuse Prevention Month
R14-06 Maintenance Dredging 2014
R14-04 Perry Senior Center 2014 donation
R14-03 Perry Area Recreation Program 2014
R14-02 Agricultural District App
R14-01 Appropriations 2014


R13-26 Sergeant Appt
R13-25 Sergeant position
R13-24 Pay Increase seasonal 2014
R13-23 Pay Increase patrolman 2014
R13-22 Pay Increase Full-Time parks staff 2014
R13-21 Pay Increase 2014
R13-20 Road Commissioner Appt
R13-19 CT Consultants 2014
R13-18 Used Village Vehicle
R13-17 Tax Budget
R13-16 Road Program 2013
R13-15 Rescinding R13-14
R13-14 Road Program 2013
R13-13 Maintenance Dredging
R13-12 2014 Tax Budget
R13-11 Striping of Streets
R13-10 Submerged Lands (Morris)
R13-09 Woods Hole Group
R13-08 Child Abuse Prevention Month
R13-06 Submerged Lands (Allen)
R13-05 Perry Area Recreation Program
R13-04 Donation to Perry Senior Center
R13-03 Renewal of Agreement with Gurley as Solicitor
R13-02 Agricultural District Form
R13-01 Maintenance Dredging 2013